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Father’s Day Gift Set

Available Now! Father's Day Gift Set Father's Day is coming up! Have you prepared anything yet? Our Father's Day gift Set is available in store now! A small bottle of our unique, 100% pure rice sake and a pack of Mexican Grilled Rice & Bean Chips to munch on with it. All together in a... continue reading

11th Birthday Celebration

11 Years of Yoyo Kitchen It's been 11 years since we opened Yoyo Kitchen in West Acton, and we'd like to say thank you to all our lovely customers for their continuous love and support! Come and celebrate with us! Visit us this weekend, the 21st and 22nd of May (Friday-Saturday) and try your luck... continue reading
Easter 2021

Easter Holiday 2021 Opening hours

Hinamatsuri set


The Japanese Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day or Doll’s Festival) is held on the 3rd of March every year. On this day, families celebrate their daughters and pray for their health and happiness. The Hina-matsuri is a very colourful holiday, when families with young daughters display a set of dolls on a platform. On this special occasion,... continue reading
setsubun ehomakis

Setsubun Eho-maki

The season of our ever so popular Eho-maki is here again! On the day of Setsubun (which is the 2nd of February this year), it is customary in Japan to eat an uncut sushi roll called eho-maki, while facing that year’s lucky direction. This custom started in the western regions of Japan, but is getting... continue reading
Tsukimi Moon Cake


Tsukimi, the Japanese Harvest Moon Festival is being held in mid-autumn, on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. This day Japanese people enjoy looking at the moon which is said to be the brightest and most beautiful on this night in the whole year. Let's celebrate this special occasion with... continue reading
Japanese Cold Noodles

Beat the heat

Japanese cold noodle recipe What you'll need Noodles (Soba/Somen) Hontsuyu Soup base Optional Yakinori roasted seaweed Shichimi tougarashi chilli powder Side dishes from our counter Method 1. Cook the noodles First bring a pot of water to boil, then add the noodles of your choice. Somen is very thin, so it’ll take only 2-3 minutes... continue reading

Sushi cutting tutorial 2: Decoration Cut

Here is our second tutorial video on how to cut sushi at home. This time we'll show you how to cut your sushi in a fancy way, with the decoration style cutting.

Sushi cutting tutorial 1: Single Roll

Here is our first tutorial video on how to cut sushi rolls at home.
New Style Sushi

Re-think and re-open

It has now been 10 years since we opened Yoyo Kitchen; we took the current situation as an opportunity to re-think the way we’re running our shop. Thus we decided to introduce some innovative changes to adjust to the new norm as well to answer the challenges of the current time. New style sushi In... continue reading