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Zenzai red bean soup with mochi

Zenzai: Warm your body and soul – Recipe

Zenzai (Red bean soup with mochi) A super easy, yet filling and delicious sweet dish for the cold winter days. What you'll need (4) 1 pack of Imuraya Yudeazuki (400g) 1 pack of Sato Kirimochi (400g, 8 pieces) 320ml water Method 1. Pour 320ml water and a pack of Yudeazuki in a pot. 2. Bring... continue reading
soba noodles

Beat the heat

Japanese cold noodle recipe What you'll need Noodles (Soba/Somen) Hontsuyu Soup base Optional Yakinori roasted seaweed Shichimi tougarashi chilli powder Side dishes from our counter Method 1. Cook the noodles First bring a pot of water to boil, then add the noodles of your choice. Somen is very thin, so it’ll take only 2-3 minutes... continue reading