Buy 1 hosomaki and 1 uramaki & get a side for half price.

Chicken Katsu

Breaded chicken breast, 1 piece

Cooked Rice

Cooked Japanese-style plain rice (V), 12oz pot


Prawn fried in breadcrumbs, 1 piece

Edamame Pot

Boiled and lightly salted edamame soybeans in pod (V), 8oz pot

Edamame Spring Roll

Spring roll with edamame soy beans (V), 1 piece

Goma Wakame

Sesame seaweed salad (V), 8oz pot

Homemade Crispy Karaage

Japanese style fried chicken, 12oz pot

Miso Soup

Japanese miso soup with wakame, 12oz pot

Pick & Mix Selection of 5 sides

Make your own selection

Pick and Mix Selection of 10 sides

Make your own selection

Prawn Gyoza

Prawn dumpling, 1 piece.

Sweet Potato Croquette

Croquette made from sweet potato (V), 1 piece

Tofu Croquette

Curried soy-milk croquette (V), 1 piece

Yakitori Chicken

Chicken on skewer with yakitori sauce, 1 piece.