What payments do you accept for online orders?

We accept card payments (except American Express) and PayPal.

Do you do delivery and how much does it cost?

Currently we only do delivery in our shop’s area. Deliveries are free for orders over £25. For orders under £25, the delivery fee is £5.

Please  check our delivery map to see if we deliver to your address. If you’re outside the delivery area you can still order online and pick up your order in our shop on the day and time you’ve selected at the checkout.

Delivery map

Delivery map

Is the pickup free?

Yes, the pickup is free on all online orders.

Can you choose a delivery or pickup slot at the checkout?

Yes, you can set the delivery/pickup date and 1 hour slot at the checkout. The current preparation time for orders is 30 minutes, so if you place your order at 14.35 for example, the next available slot will be 15.30-16.30.

What is the latest delivery shot? When is the last order?

Currently the last delivery shot is 5.30-6.30PM on Monday-Friday and 4.30-5.30PM on Saturdays.

As there is a 30 minutes waiting time when choosing delivery shots, you have to place your order before 5PM on Monday-Friday and before 4PM on Saturday.

My card got declined, what do I do?

This usually happens when the website can’t complete the AVS (address verification service), because the name or billing address you’ve entered doesn’t match the name or address that’s associated with your bank account. Please check the address you’ve entered and try again. Alternatively, you can use PayPal at the checkout.