Authentic, fresh and delicious Sushi lunch deal: choose 2 sushi rolls (8-8 pieces) and add 1 add-on product with 50% off! Available Tue-Sat 11.00-15.00.

Please note that all of our products are delivered cold.
Heating instructions will be provided with your delivery.

Recommended heating times for Karaage:
800W microwave: 1min
Oven: 200°C (please use an oven-proof dish) 12min.

Recommended heating times for Miso soup:
800W microwave: 1min
Hob: (transfer the miso soup to a pan) 1min.

Additional information

HOSOMAKI - thin sushi rolls

Salmon £4.00, Natto (V) £4.00, Cucumber (V) £3.50, Avocado (V) £3.80, Tuna £5.00

URAMAKI - medium sushi rolls

Crab Stick Avocado £6.00, Salmon Avocado £6.00, Prawn Avocado £6.00, Ebi-fry £6.00, Cream Cheese Cucumber (V) £6.00


Edamame (V) £1.50, Crispy Karaage £2.50, Miso Soup £2.00, Goma Wakame (V) £2.00


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