We’re getting more and more environmentally friendly!

Three years ago we decided to change all our plastic packaging to new, compostable containers and stopped pre-packaging our sushi rolls. One of the reasons is of course to keep our yummy sushi rolls fresh longer so our customers can get our best all the time: fluffy rice with great tasting fish or veggies inside. On the other hand, changing the way we sell and display our products, along with the usage of new compostable containers, we managed to cut down our plastic waste to the minimum, which is already great news to our planet!

We’ve joined Too Good To Go to fight food waste

Now we’ve joined Too Good To Go, a social impact company to fight food waste. The mission is simple: save perfectly fine, delicious meals that otherwise would have gone to waste. Too Good To Go is an anti-food waste app that let’s you search for unsold food near you to purchase for a heavily discounted price. You search, pay, pickup, enjoy and help the planet. Couldn’t be easier, right?

With the help of our amazing customers, we already managed to save 275 meals!!! so far. That’s corresponding to 680 kg of CO2 equivalents saved from going to waste!

mixed sushi

If you’d like to learn more, visit the TGTG website, and download their app for your Android or iOS to join the army of food waste fighters with our sushi magic bags!

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