It has now been 10 years since we opened Yoyo Kitchen; we took the current situation as an opportunity to re-think the way we’re running our shop. Thus we decided to introduce some innovative changes to adjust to the new norm as well to answer the challenges of the current time.

New Style Sushi and Eco-friendly packaging are here!

New style sushi

In the current situation when people can’t dine out, we racked our brains to help our customers to make dining-in more convenient, delicious and fun. We’ll continue to prepare our customers’ most favorite sushi rolls and side dishes from the best ingredients, with the utmost care daily on our premises, so you can feel rest assured when shopping with us.

However, we’ll stop cutting cutting and pre-packaging them! This means more flexibility for you when choosing your items, and more flexibility in the way you serve and have them at home. You can just grab a roll and dig in, our check out our sushi cutting tutorials on our website or social media pages if you prefer.

Less packaging, less plastic

No pre-packaging means less plastic and less waste. To help protect the environment we’ve decided to reduce packaging, especially plastic packaging to the minimum, and use more environmentally friendly packaging instead. Our new trays and pots are compostable, which means they’ll break down, return to the land and help the planet.

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