Setsubun Ehomaki Promotion 2021

The season of our ever so popular Eho-maki is here again!
On the day of Setsubun (which is the 2nd of February this year), it is customary in Japan to eat an uncut sushi roll called eho-maki, while facing that year’s lucky direction. This custom started in the western regions of Japan, but is getting more and more popular in the whole country.

Here, at Yoyo Kitchen we celebrate the Setsubun with special uncut Eho-makis freshly made on the premises.
Our Eho-maki is made of 7 delicious ingredients. Our Vegetarian Eho-maki is made from cucumber, kanpyo (sweet vegetable), inari (fried tofu), egg omelettes, rice & nori (seaweed), and our Yoyo Eho-maki is made from salmon, tuna, boiled prawn, cucumber, avocado, rice and nori seaweed.

You can reserve your Eho-maki in advance, and pick it up on the day of Setsubun, the 2nd of February from 12 o’clock. This year’s lucky direction is South South East, so make sure you eat your whole maki facing this direction. Enjoy and have lots of luck this year!

SETSUBUN Vegi Ehomaki

Uncut sushi roll with with egg, cucumber, kanpyo, avocado and inari.

SETSUBUN Yoyo Ehomaki

Uncut sushi roll with salmon, tuna, boiled prawn, cucumber and avocado.

Wagaya Pickled Sushi Ginger

White pickled ginger with sweeteners. 340g

Yamasa Soy Sauce (Dispenser)

Slow-brewed soy sauce with a rich flavor, in dispenser bottle. 150ml


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