Hinamatsuri Promotion

The Japanese Hina-matsuri (Girls’ Day or Doll’s Festival) is held on the 3rd of March every year.

On this day, families celebrate their daughters and pray for their health and happiness. The Hina-matsuri is a very colourful holiday, when families with young daughters display a set of dolls on a platform.

On this special occasion, people usually eat a colourful chirashi-zushi bowl (mixed fish on sushi rice), inari-sushi (tofu pockets filled with rice), and enjoy some sweets like Hinaarare (sugar coated rice crackers) and mochi.

Our delicious Bara-chirashi made freshly on the premises with salmon, tuna, prawn, eggs and salmon roe is available for pre-order now for the 3rd of March. You can also find some Daifuku Mochi and Hinaarare sweet crackers in store now!

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