S&B Torokeru Curry Roux (Hot); Japanese curry mix in block. 200g (10 servings)

Vegetable Oils (Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil), Wheat Flour, Sugar, Salt, Starch, Curry Powder (6.5%) (Coriander, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Cumin), Flavour Enhancer: E621, Colour: E150A, Potato Flakes, Spices (Black Pepper, Chilli Pepper, Garlic), Chinses Cabbage Extract Powder (Maltodextrin, Sugar, Chinese Cabbage Extract, Salt), Vegetable Paste (Vegetable Oil (Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil), Onion, Pumpkin, Spinach, Carrot, Yam, Jew’s Mallow, Defatted Soybeans), Vegetable Soup Stock Powder (Maltodextrin, Salt, Sugar, Onion Extract, Carrot Extract, Sauteed Onion (Onion, Corn Oil), Rice Bran Oil, Celery Extract (Celery, Maltodextrin, Salt), Yeast Extract, Spices (Garlic, Black Pepper, Celery)), Roasted Cabbage Powder (Cabbage, Palm Oil), Hydrolysed Soy Protein, Yeast Extract Powder, Acid: E296, Flavour Enhancers: E627 and E631.


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