1 Hosomaki | thin sushi rolls

Natto (fermented soya beans)V£3.00
Inari-sushi (1 piece) (sushi wrapped in sweet fried tofu)V£1.00

2 Uramaki | medium sushi rolls

Salmon avocado sesame£4.20
Prawn avocado masago£4.50
Ebi-fry (prawn) roll£4.50

3 Ehomaki | large rolls

Vegetarian (egg, cucumber, kanpyo, avocado, inari)V£7.00
Yoyo (salmon, tuna, prawn, cucumber, avocado)£8.50

4 Donburi

Chicken Katsu Curry (breaded chicken breast on rice topped with Japanese curry sauce)£6.50
Prawn Katsu Curry (breaded prawns on rice topped with Japanese curry sauce)£6.50
Tofu croquette Curry (breaded tofu on rice topped with Japanese curry sauce)V£6.50
Bara chirashi (vinegared rice topped with raw fish and egg)£5.00

5 Sozai | side dishes

Pick and mix: choose 1 for £1.50, or 5 for £6, or 10 for £10

Ebi-fry (prawn fried in breadcrumbs)
Prawn Gyoza (prawn dumpling)
Yakitori chicken
Edamame Spring RollV
Tofu Croquette (breaded curry flavoured tofu)V
Sweet Potato CroquetteV

6 Other sides | per pot

Homemade Crispy Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken)£3.00
Goma Wakame (sesame seaweed salad)V£2.50
Miso soup£2.00
Cooked RiceV£1.50

7 Sashimi | sliced raw fish

Salmon sashimi£5.50
Salmon & Tuna sashimi£6.50

Lunch deal 11.30-2pm

Buy 2 packs of hosomaki/uramaki and add:

Edamame V£0.50
Miso soup£1.00
Goma Wakame (seaweed salad) V£1.50
Homemade crispy karaage£1.50

Lockdown Special

3 hosomaki and 3 uramaki£20
(Add a large selection of 10 sides for £10)